Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Traffic Life Magazine

there's a magazine called traffic life for which i freelance.
plus there's one more which is called random...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

मेरा पहला हिन्दी blog

अरे भाई , मज़ा ही आ गया
क्या बात है
मुझे तो इस हिन्दी वाले टूल के बारे में पता ही नही था
मस्त है यार!!
वह वाह

Friday, June 27, 2008

shitheads..and the smart twins!

first things first
why are people so stupid
harman baweja
the guy is a cheaper hrithik roshan for directors who can't afford hrithik roshan..

his dad ..the fool actually spent 50 crores on him
zyada the mujhe de deta...and he quotes the movie's spessal effects as the USP.
even the bajaj tubelight ad "bijli ke bill mein katauti" had better effects then that.

and there are smart ones
all the people who made money by working on the movie...speacially priyanka chopra!

and as i speak of it there's another tacky movie on the release..govinda[flesh bag] starrer "money hai toh honey hai"

paise zyada hai to mujhe do na yaar...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

kutta attack

subah/raat ke 3 baje
me driving
shashank on the co-pilot seating
prateek sleeping behind with his legs streched outs[out of the window]
dogs attacks at the road turarounds
me driving, again
shashank on the co-pilot seating, again
prateek sleeping behind with his legs tucked insides...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

death..its bigger than a 5 letter word

i went to a an antim samskar yesterday.
it was actually someone iknew.
someone i had seen in flesh and bones.
and when u see the same person's body getting charred in the fire it actually makes a cork open.
a cork which blocked ur head.
in the light of which everything profit, loss, mating, style fashion almost everything seems pale.
but one thing still stands out.
i.e the reason of ur existence.
and that is explained by only one man till date.
i.e steve jobs
don't laugh now...
i am not one of the other lunatics who seem to be impressed way to much by his cute keynote

this man alone actually started digging what his existence meant and in course of his search he tried everything
religion, love, drugs etc.
exactly like buddha who was also perturbed by the reason of his existence.
and steve then finally figured it out...

"i am here to create a dent in the universe"
more broadly which meant that ur life should make a difference, it should take the whole civillization to new standard,

my present in something like the "rime of the ancient mariner"

all the world has a dead albetross hung around their neck...
more simply

we are following dead culture , dead god...
for e.g.
in all engineering degree courses in india we study the same subjects i.e physics, mathematics, mechanics, manufaturing processes in the first year.
consider a student of software engineering

software engineering, you would know if you have ever noticed so much, is very different from any other branch of engineering....for e.g. u can't make a bridge and then use it to rectify it but software testing is a core principle of software engineering.

why then do we need to study welding in 1st year??

is'ny it idiotic that in a country of billions of people, and that too a country where education is considered very important, the principles are so hollow.

so basically the reason of existence is to make this change
so u would say very smart ...why don't you make this change?
i would do it yes...but not now...because right now my existence is like a small firecracker, i will be out too soon....i will wait and be big enough to be heard, considered, reviewed and understood.

one day i will overthrow this albetross hung around my neck.
and that is the day i can happily look for "mahaparinirvana"

Saturday, May 31, 2008

hostel: vaccination against life

anyone who has stayed in boys hostel during his degree won't disagree to this, specially those for whom it was a first experience.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

the scale for bad or good??

how do you know that a client meeting went bad or good?
how do you know it??
well for now it seems that whenever a meeting goes wrong it means that u won't be working with the person coz if u can't identify with the person how can u bloody expect to work for him/her??
and this may also have the other side i.e
u also might be a nuthead
so the theory still is right
that u can only succeed in working with a nuthead!!

as simple as
uonline design

Monday, March 31, 2008

two roads

two roads diverged in the woods
i took the one less travelled and thats what made the difference.
true and how...
coz if u have a different or unique passion
do follow it...coz it would be different ....thus less competition..thus more chances of success
now u know what the poet meant...
"the road less travelled" "thats what made the difference"

Monday, March 24, 2008

being practical!

pardon me for being wandering into this " thinker terotarry-"don't know the spelling" "
but now...
wat is being practical?
being career oriented?
being on time?
being on talking terms with everyone?
who would not be practical by this theory?]
one who wastes time all the while...
runs here and there for people he remotely knows...just to help them...
or...rushes to his home when his family needs him..

so finally whos practical?

Thursday, February 28, 2008

my room [painted]

my chris cornell fanism[?] is at its peak now...repainted my wall ...inspired by the urselves by audioslave...this is what it looks like..