Sunday, December 23, 2007

nikhat azmi - the TOI movie critic

it's official now
the times of india critic has gone completely awry!
he has gone too artistic, his reviews are always guessable!!
it seems like the person just does not watch movies...
he writes the reviews based only on the movie's name and other names associated with it!
i went for eklavya coz he called it a potrait on screen with tight story...but hardly seemed so...
his review for an encuntr at lokhndwla was also great...
but lokhandwala to turned out to be pathetic
and i went to welcome to which his reviews were great and that completed my triology of disgusting reviews ....
he seems too amused by the actors or directors associated with the movie!
if would pray he reads it
coz i once used to go to movies which he told me to...but his reviews are of no use now.


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