Thursday, December 27, 2007

global standardization and Mc donalds

yesterday i went to saket.
basically the plan was to go the english pub there and checkout the market coz its very famous.
we travelled far and wide, asked for directions at some 3 million places to reach saket.
now enters the surprise
the market basically composed of Mc donalds, KFC, ruby tuesday et'all
ok if that was the main objective i would have saved all the extra effort of going anywhere outside my local vicinity...
it was global standardization at full go....someday for something different i'll blast off to mars and still find a mc donalds there...
the idea of standardization appeals in the starting but ends up with a sour taste in the mouth...
my mouth for now.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

nikhat azmi - the TOI movie critic

it's official now
the times of india critic has gone completely awry!
he has gone too artistic, his reviews are always guessable!!
it seems like the person just does not watch movies...
he writes the reviews based only on the movie's name and other names associated with it!
i went for eklavya coz he called it a potrait on screen with tight story...but hardly seemed so...
his review for an encuntr at lokhndwla was also great...
but lokhandwala to turned out to be pathetic
and i went to welcome to which his reviews were great and that completed my triology of disgusting reviews ....
he seems too amused by the actors or directors associated with the movie!
if would pray he reads it
coz i once used to go to movies which he told me to...but his reviews are of no use now.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

i was just watching this video of a professor who's about to die in two months
now i have always been this hurried man, specially after joining my college...
and i look at that man awaiting death, was relaxed...
but just the thought of death is so intriguing
imagine you urselves having some lifetime
and after that period you experience something entirely new and different
which no one has explained before
the last journey
even the thought of it is strange...but
how do you go about it?
the knowledge of the same might be salvation

sorry for the sad spirit of the post even after being a 20 yr old boy.